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Best way

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your Tamales

Cooking or Heating the Tamales the right way

All our tamales are lard free and gluten free, they are so delicious and healthy.

Warming cooked Tamales:
You can warm your cooked tamales in the microwave:
Frozen: 5 to 7  minutes
Refrigerated: 3 minutes 
Conventional Oven:
Preheat the oven to 350F for 10 min
Frozen: 15 min
Refrigerated: 5 to 10 min 
Cooking frozen Tamales ( Uncooked )
Using a stove top steamer, fill it with water to the l
Place the Tamales vertically in a stove top steamer. Make sure the opening is at the top so that the filling stays in.
Cooking time can be from 75 to 90 min ​depending on the heat level, we recommend medium heat.

We have the right selection of tamales for you, ranging from vegan and vegetarian to traditional, gourmet and even sweet, take a look of our menu for more details.

Enjoy our 10 different recipes cooked fresh everyday for you. Give them a try, it's worth it!

VEGAN: Cactus, Mushrooms, Chipotle Beans, Jack Fruit

VEGETARIAN: Green peppers and Monterrey Jack, Panela Cheese

TRADITIONAL: Chicken and Pork




SWEET: Pineapple

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